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N2O Wastewater System

N2O Wastewater System – combating climate changes. 

Robust and reliable real-time N2O measurements are required in order to implement active control strategies that reduce environmental impact from N2O emission.
  • The N2O Wastewater System is the World’s only sensor system for direct measurement of dissolved N2O in bulk water.

  • The N2O Wastewater Sensor operates real-time 24/7 for online monitoring and emission control.

  • The N2O Wastewater System is a valuable tool in understanding the biological processes that lead to N2O formation and emission.

Today’s focus on energy savings and cost reduction is done primarily by lowering aeration to a minimum. It is well documented that this leads to increased N2O production and emission and it is therefore not the right strategy.
Using the N2O Wastewater System to balance between aeration savings and N2O production allows for energy savings in conjunction with a documented positive environmental impact!

For data analysis and interpretation as well as suggestions for active control strategies, we offer expert consultancy.

N2O Wastewater System installed at Aarhus Vand, Denmark.
Discussing process strategies that will minimize nitrous oxide emissions with wastewater company VCS, Denmark.
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What our customers say:

I am quite amazed, that our active N2O Wastewater sensors do not require cleaning. At each inspection, the sensor head was clean and the sensor could be put back in the tanks. The only work we have had with the sensors is about 10 minutes for calibration. The sensors deliver the most stable signal of all the sensors that we have, and even with longer intervals, than is recommended, between calibrations, it is only a very small drift that we experience”. Team leader from VCS (VandCenter Syd), Lise Havsteen.


The N2O Wastewater Sensor is placed directly in the activated sludge where it measures the production of N2O during both nitrification and de-nitrification processes. The sensor’s waterproof casing can either hang directly in the water which allows it to move freely with the current flow or it can be fixed in position. With its build-in temperature sensor the N2O Wastewater Sensor delivers post-normalized data. 
The signal from the N2O Wastewater Sensor is transmitted via a 4-20 mA signal from the N2O Wastewater Controller to a SCADA or PLC system or it can be logged directly on the N2O Wastewater Controller for later downloading on a USB-stick


The sensor’s glass tip is kept clean by the friction forces created by the water flow and the N2O Wastewater Sensor rarely needs cleaning or service.
After installation of the N2O Wastewater Sensor, a 2-point calibration is required. This is done by following the steps described in the N2O Calibration Kit manual. Running maintenance is down to bimonthly re-calibration.