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N2O Wastewater Sensor

N2O Wastewater Sensor - fast responding and reliable nitrous oxide measurements

The N2O Wastewater Sensor delivers a real-time signal enabling implementation of active control strategies to minimize total carbon footprint. The sensor has a respond time under 45 seconds and delivers a temperature compensated data output.
The sensor signal is extremely stable and the sensor is easily maintained and requires only a bimonthly calibration – which takes around 10 minutes.

The sensor consists of 2 parts: A N2O Wastewater Sensor Body in aluminum alloy, and inside a N2O Wastewater Sensor Head.

N2O Wastewater Sensor body in aluminum alloy.
N2O Wastewater Sensor Body. 
N2O Wastewater Sensor Body
The Sensor body can be unscrewed for easy replacement of the N2O Wastewater Sensor Head.
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N2O Wastewater Sensor

 Robust design in 44 mm aluminum alloy casing
(6063-T6) and black POM acetyl copolymer
Response time < 45 sec
Build-in temperature
yes, N2O signal temperature compensated
Calibration 2-point calibration, bimonthly
Guaranteed lifetime 4 months
Expected lifetime >6 months
N2O Sensor Head Replaceable
Cable length 5 meter standard (extension to 100 m optional)
Known relevant

Ordering information 

Product Working range
N2O-N (mg/L)
Detection limit
N2O-N (mg/L)
E-N2O Head 0-1.5 0.005
E-N2O Head LR 0-0.56 0.002
E-N2O Head HR Option 1: 0-9
Option 2: 0-110
Option 3: 0-800


Patent information
This product is covered by the following patents:
Patent issued in China: CN 104937405 A
Patent issued in USA: 9921178
Patent issued in Japan: JP6275744B2
Patent issued in European EP Region: EP2939012B1
Patent pending in several other jurisdictions.