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N2O Wastewater Controller

N2O Wastewater controller - nitrous oxide levels and emission rate 

The N2O Wastewater controller is operated through the TFT-touch screen and can take input from 2 N2O Wastewater Sensors. 

The controller displays temperature compensated N2O levels, emission rates and process temperatures from both sensors. 

The controller can be delivered with an optional USB data logger, making collection of data available without connecting to the PLC/SCADA system.

N2O Wastewater Controller is easily operated and displays nitrous oxide production and emission.
N2O Wastewater Controller displays both nitrous oxide levels and emission values.
The Controller can take input from 2 N2O Wastewater Sensors
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Emission levels are calculated in the controller with the use of standard fixed model parameters. For more accurate emission values,dynamic input parameters can be used with the add-on emission module.

The recommended bimonthly sensor calibration is done onsite through the controller’s menu system and by following the calibration manual that comes with each N2O Calibration Kit.
The controller comes standard with a mountingplate and can be ordered with additional pipe mounting kit and weather protection canopy.

N2O Wastewater Controller

Controller TFT-touch screen controller
Box size
301.5 x 283.2 x 120.5mm, 3.2 kg
Housing Surface-mounted case made of plastic (ABC) IP67
Mounting Multiple holes for surface or pipe mounting - mounting plates and weather protection canopy available
Sensor inputs 2 x N2O Wastewater Sensor with build-in temperature sensor
Other inputs
Optional: Air flow (m3/h), 4..20 mA
Optional: 2 x Air flow ON/OFF (Binary input - potential-free contact)
Sensor output 2 x temperature compensated N2O value (N2O-N[mg/L])
Sensor emission output
2 x Emission calculations (N2O-N [mg/m3/d]) with standard
fixed model parameters
Optional: Dynamic input parameters
Other outputs Internet
Optional: 2 x N2O Wastewater temp. sensor
Optional: PROFIBUS-DP, ModBus
Optional: USB datalogging - software required
Electrical safety According to EN 61010, part 1 overvoltage category III, pollution degree 2
Power supply  AC 110 to 240 V + 10/15 %; 48 to 63 Hz