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N2O Wastewater System

Solutions for measuring dissolved N2O in wastewater

Solution for measuring dissolved N2O in wastewater

N2O Wastewater System – combating climate changes. 
The N2O Wastewater System is the World’s only sensor system to measure dissolved N2O in bulk water. The sensor operates real-time 24/7 for direct monitoring and emission control.

Combining today’s wastewater bioprocesses and the N2O Wastewater System provides an opportunity and potential for reducing the total emission of green house gases (GHG) from wastewater treatment processes.

In the wastewater treatment plants effort to minimize total carbon footprint and combat climate changes, the N2O Wastewater System is a valuable tool.

N2O controller, emission calculation and process mitigation

The sensor is placed directly in activated sludge where it measures the production of N2O during both nitrification and de-nitrification processes. The sensors waterproof eloxated aluminium casing can either hang directly in the water which allows it to move freely with the current flow or it can be fixed in position – se examples below. The sensor has a build-in temperature sensor for post-normalization of data.

The sensors glass tip is kept clean by the friction forces created by the water flow.

The signal from the sensor is transmitted via a 4-20 mA signal from the controller box to the PLC. 
After installation of the sensor, a 2 point calibration is required. This is done by following the steps described in the N2O calibration kit. 

Measuring N2O wastewater sensor

Replacing the sensor:
The sensor consist of 2 parts - a sensor head and a sensor body. When replacing the sensor, it is only the microelectrode inside the sensor head that needs replacing. This is shipped with easy instructions for replacing and re-calibration.